In Monstrous Attitude

Here's what ROIR had to say about this album:

In Monstrous Attitude, ”Dufus’ third album
with ROIR, is mixed by Shimmy Disc's Kramer
and barely contained in a colossal 12 panel
Digipak with comic book art by anti-folk hero,
Jeffrey Lewis (Rough Trade). It lives up to its
name; it’s a monstrous work that cannot be
ignored. One way or another Dufus will get
under your skin, and into your brain.

From the love and anxious amazement a
parent feels for their firstborn to the
feelings of frustration and desperation
at a static society, to more whimsical topics
like passing gas and the musical properties
of felt, Dufus’ “In Monstrous Attitude” leaves
no stone unturned in its exploration of the
human experience. Although they have already
influenced many a band in the
freak-folk/anti-folk scene
(like Moldy Peaches, Man Man, USAisamonster,
Akron Family), this is perhaps Dufus’ most
inspiring work to date. It is a perfect mixture
of their signature chaotic, childlike compositions
(which critics have compared to the mastermind
experimentations of Captain Beefheart, Zappa,
Ween and Mr. Bungle) and passionate,
crescendoing melodies that leave you
gasping for breath with every twangy note.

Musicians on In Monstrous Attitude: Seth Faergolzia: Acoustic Guitar/Lead Vocals Anders Griffen: Drums Alex Coronado: Bass Erin Riedel and Anouk Hokuxqpa: vocals

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