Dufus: Neuborns 2001

Dufus - Neuborns is the missing Dufus album recorded in 2001 and before 1:3:1 and unreleased until now.   It was recorded in 2000-2001 at Emandee in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It is released at last through Birmingham, UK based Iron Man Records and its lyrical content derives from as one nameless reviewer puts it "a modern day caveman junk collector's perspective on deliniation from concensus reality."

label's words about it: Frontman and singer/songwriter Seth says that "Neuborns speaks to an audience of believers who get pushed down, the people who are trying as hard as they can to make the world thrive in a way better." Dufus in my view are one most important bands I've heard in years and watching the band live in 2000 started that one. There are a lot of bands who copy, mimic and steal inspiration from Dufus but the band, much to the irritation of the media, and many others, keep on keeping on and continue to do their own thing without interest in being noticed or even accepted. The bands music stands up and is unflinching to trends, fashions or whats in with the in crowd this week. You may love this band, you may not understand them, you may even think you know them. Whatever you think, be warned, the band will continue doing what they do without reference to whether you like it, want it or understand it. here are a few quotes I dug up on the net that may just illustrate my point: "Fiercely independant, fiercely committed and suitably deranged - Dufus stand alone in their field holding back the waves of corporate c**p like a platoon of modern day Canutes." trakMARX "Dufus plays frantic fever-dream folk slashed through with rock stabs. The band has ties to the local anti-folk scene, but Dufus exploitations are bigger and more ambitious than those of, say, the Moldy Peaches. It's hard to think of a style not at least touched upon by Dufus, but the group's woozy delirium somehow makes it sound more cohesive than it probably should." The Onion "Astoundingly variegated soundscapes." Relix I've also found some other biographical information that you may find useful background to the band Dufus themselves.... Dufus presents a deep and transcendent mixture of confrontational songwriting, whip-smart lyricism and massive beats interspersed with avant-punknoise and groundbreaking improvisation; they are helping to define the curve for an awakening generation of artful rock musicians. Their edgy but positive sound vibration has earned them an expanding and loyal following throughout the Northeast and parts of Europe. Born in 1996 as an open collective for creative musicians, the band has forged excursions into multimedia, rock-opera, junkyard fashion and even orchestral works landing in a hard pocket of 5 solid members. Dufus has toured extensively in the U.S., Europe and Japan, and has shared the stage with The Black Dice, Moldy Peaches, Ween, The Frogs, Animal Collective, Adam Green, Jeffrey Lewis, Cornershop, Regina Spektor, Low, and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs to name a few. The Onion: "For those who like Frank Zappa but wish he had been weirder, Dufus plays frantic fever-dream folk slashed through with rock stabs...Past opening stints for Ween should sound a signal, but even Dean and Gene Ween must have scratched their heads a time or two."s amazement a parent feels for their firstborn to the feelings of frustration and desperation at a static society, to more whimsical topics like passing gas and the musical properties of felt, Dufus’ “In Monstrous Attitude” leaves no stone unturned in its exploration of the human experience. It is a perfect mixture of their signature chaotic, childlike compositions (which critics have compared to the mastermind experimentations of Captain Beefheart, Zappa, Ween and Mr. Bungle) and passionate, crescendoing melodies that leave you gasping for breath with every twangy note.

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