This is probably the most grandiose Dufus
album to date... somewhere around 50
musicians helped out with choral,
lo-fi orchestral, noise and rock production...

“…like tasting fruit off the vine after a
lifetime of grape soda." —Ink19

Seth Faergolzia explains
how the album, “1:3:1”, was recorded:

“…the idea for one:three:one was given
to me at in the woods in Ocala,
Florida, February 2002. I had been
staring at a formation in the sky
shaped like an equal sign. A meteor
streaked through it, negating it and
making a pro-anti symbol. As I walked
away, I witnessed a tree with the hand
shape, which eventually became the
focus of much thought and went
onto the album cover. Thousands
of hours have been spent intensely
cultivating this blissful lunatic…”

“Like an encyclopedia of so-called
outsider music condensed into a
Downtown pagan mystery meeting.
—Richard Gehr, Village Voice

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