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23 Psaegz East Coast US Tour

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

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Following in the footsteps of his critically-acclaimed avant-freakout band Dufus — whose landmark 2003 ROIR album 1:3:1 was hailed by AllMusic’s Jesse Jarnow as “the kind of record that could potentially change a listener’s life” — Seth Faergolzia once again makes a delightful mess of musical boundaries with his latest group 23 Psaegz. Initially conceived as a kind of live-action orchestra for Faergolzia’s puppet rock opera, the 23 Psaegz (pronounced SAY-jezz, as in: plural of “sage”) have evolved into the main vehicle for Faergolzia’s continued explorations into mind-bending musical realms unprecedented even by outsider art and freak folk standards.

Like Dufus, the 23 Psaegz consist of a revolving cast of musicians that at any given time can include up to 18 musicians sharing the stage. But where Dufus often reveled in funk-rock gymnastics and Captain Beefheart-inspired abrasion, the 23 Psaegz create the communal amiability of a warm gathering around the hearth of Faergolzia’s musical vision. The music itself is unapologetically (even audaciously) off-kilter and curiously sculpted, and the rest of the band brings a sense of joy to match. Imagine a kaleidoscopic New Orleans marching band crossed with an outer space production of “Peter & the Wolf” and you’ll be somewhere in the ballpark. Glockenspiel, flute, tuba, keytar, cello, banjo, saxophone, and salvaged metal percussion collide with bass, a haphazard collection of drums, guitar, toy piano, and group vocal harmonies in multi-colored bursts — not unlike 20 cans of silly string all exploding at once. Meanwhile Faergolzia’s acrobatic voice, captivating presence, and inimitable song structures anchor his enthusiastic crew of bandmates.

23 Psaegz are hitting the road August 2013 to weave a musical loop around the East coast. They’re also in progress recording an ambitious rock opera project long in the making, snippets of which will be performed on their forthcoming tour:

7/26 Babeville – Buffalo, NY
8/2 Skylark – Rochester, NY
8/3 House of Love – Greenwich, CT
8/4 Really Cool House Show – Boston, MA
8/5 Cameo – Brooklyn, NY
8/6 Antifolk Festival at Sidewalk, New York City
8/7 Eris Temple Arts – Philadelphia, NY
8/8 Emilio’s – Richmond, VA
8/9 Blackbox Theater – Salisbury, NC
8/10 Birdhouse Noun Factory – Athens, GA
8/11 Jack of the Wood – Asheville, NC
8/12 Flat Iron – Greensboro, NC
8/13 Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar- Charlottesville, VA
8/14 501 Speakeasy – Roanoke, VA
8/15 Wind Up Space – Baltimore, MD
8/16 The Lemon Grove – Youngstown, OH
8/17 Howlers – Pittsburgh, PA
8/19 Meddlesome Lab – Rochester, NY

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