Seth Faergolzia and 23 Psaegz rock opera Premiere Tour


Anti-folk hero Seth Faergolzia (of Dufus)
premieres new rock opera 23 PSAEGZ ON TOUR…

Sept 17 @ Bug Jar, Rochester, NY (with O’Death)
Sept 22 @ Nyack Vilalge Theater, Nyack, NY (early show)
Sept 22 @ House of Love, Greenwich, CT
Sept 23 @ Cake Shop, New York, NY
Sept 24 @ The Whitehaus Family Record, Boston

Founded by Seth Faergolzia in 2010 as the successor to his world-renowned

13-year project, Dufus, the23 Psaegz (pronounced say•jezz) carry on the

warm, weird legacy by stretching the boundaries of musical experience with

craze & care unmatched. The group originally gathered with the intention of

performing Seth’s 23 Psaegz stream of consciousness puppet rock opera, &

has since also become a collaborative backing for his complex web of

musical delight. Front man Faergolzia brings his one-man-band skills

(mastering simultaneously the guitar, glockenspiel, kick drum, and

vocal antics) to a new apex of musical sagacity, as he leads the 23

Psaegz odd.

“Seth Faergolzia’s Dufus has always challenged traditional conceptions

about folk through unorthodox and highly-developed melodies and rhythms.”

- Huffington Post

Read the Huffingtn Posts’ recent feature on Seth.

or in their own words…

23 Psaegz — a long piece of music derived from 23 pages of Seth’s streaming

mind waves. Seth conducts his rollicking 15-folk-grand orchestra with a ‘glock’

mallet, booming kick pedal, tenacious guitar, & far-arching vocals. Designed

with five moving parts, 23 Psaegz ignites a most profoundly human machine,

a musical organism with propellers, say, blasting out whirls of free-thought,

frequencies that both cut close to the bone & hug the heart fondly — a true

masterwork. Seth’s keen ear for harmony deftly channels the energies & talents

of the human voice, flute, tuba, trumpet, violin, guitars, bass, piano &

found/salvaged percussion pieces. With the precision and release of flight,

melodic instruments melt sweet cream harmonies with the bass section,

lead & vocal choir, then muscle up with brain circuit cranking dissonance.

The playful & seriously probing expanse of 23 Psaegz = kaleidoscopic-divine

New Orleans marching band meets Peter & the Wolf in outer space. This

intense conflation of lyrical imagery & sonic wonder is music to submerge in.

Seth & the Psaegz concoct music which remains outside the scope of particular

genre-labels or classification. With their harmonic subtlety, poetically

experimental lyricism, quirked-out energy, & of course, Seth’s soaring,

gurgling, whip-crack-acrobatic vocals, each Psaegz performance lovingly

unweaves time, revealing moments honest & organic in their exploration

of possibility. Spontaneously fusing performers with audience, Psaegz

mingle into the crowd in fits of wild dance to Seth’s iPod-karaoke hip-jump

sample-gasms. They’re reshaping & reinventing musical forms to create

new, relevant gestures forward. Whether a whistle-driven dirge,

foot-stomping fable, or inspired improvisation, these are not songs

that will attract only a novel-shock-response, but a growing body of

music so dynamic & full, it can be approached as if with new ears

every time — outlandish, wise & full-hearted.

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